Top 10 Secrets for Getting Real Twitter Followers

Who doesn’t know about Twitter? It is one of the most famous social networking sites where people “tweet” and get followed. It is a great platform to share your views and ideas with public and your followers and be famous. Well, twitter followers are very hard to earn because of various reasons; the most annoying of them being the limit on the word count which constraints you from expressing yourself completely. Though, it ultimately ensures that you reach out to your readers and followers with a limited but most effective context, but “Sometimes words are just not enough” to express your ideas.

So now comes the real question, “How to increase Twitter followers?” Today, I will be spilling my secret beans to building Twitter followers organically and gaining your true fans and followers.

  1. Start following others: Susan Roane once said, “They say, You can’t give a smile away; it always comes back. The same is true of a kind word or a conversation starter. What goes around, comes around.” This stands true even with following other users on Twitter. When you follow someone, they feel obliged and return the favor by following you back.
  2. Schedule your tweets: You don’t want to bother your fans with a lot of tweet notifications whole day long. So schedule your tweets for the entire day to keep your followers updated at frequent intervals.
  3. Write an interesting Bio: Your Twitter Bio speaks a lot about your personality; about what you do; about what you like or dislike, so try to be as interesting and compelling as possible while describing yourself in the Bio.
  4. Retweet: This is just like following another Twitter user. When you find a tweet interesting, just retweet the post, and you will definitely get noticed by the user whose post you just retweeted, eventually getting more views on your tweets.
  5. Use relevant Hashtags: Hashtags are a great way to get noticed. When you tweet anything, always remember to add relevant hashtags which would lead to you getting noticed amongst people who search for those hashtags.
  6. Include Images: As per a research, tweets with Images get about 18% more engagement. So remember to make your tweets attractive by including images.
  7. Tweet motivational quotes: Be a responsible twitterer and tweet motivational and inspirational quotes to gain more retweets and more followers.
  8. Get involved in Twitter conversations: There are various times when big brands try to collect feedback by asking open questions. Share your views on such type of conversations and get noticed and followed.
  9. Tweet during the peak hours: As per a research, Twitter receives the most traffic between 1 pm and 3 pm, so always try to stay active during these hours.
  10. Mention other Tweeple too: When you like something; may it be a brand or an author’s post, make sure to mention them in your tweets. This generosity will certainly help you get noticed, retweeted and followed.

The above stated secret tips are my tried and tested ways and if followed sincerely will surely help you to earn real twitterati followers.

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Good luck!


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