Pragmatic and Advantageous Resources for a Full-time Freelancer

Are you fascinated with your part-time freelancing job? Do you feel the need to adopt freelancing as your full time business? Before rushing to make this decision, ask yourself some questions.

Do you have ample number of contacts and clients to earn the amount of money you spend, as a part time freelancer and a full time office employee?

Will your full-time freelancing tasks give you a minimum stable income at the end of the month?

Are you actually enthusiastic enough to be able to work as a full time freelancer?

What if you get bored?

Can you handle being your own boss?

Well, definitely it is amazing to work on freelance jobs from home, but at the same time it may pose as a big risk if you are not entirely prepared mentally. Trying to earn money online is not an easy task but to make it easier for you, here are some tips:

  1. Follow your passion: You always have been captivated by the idea of writing. It has been your passion since school days and you have always done it for your own self, in your free time but it cannot be pursued as a career. Well, why not? With freelancing content writing jobs, you can sell your content in the market and pursue your passion as your part-time career. There are lots of online jobs for beginners to help you in getting started.
  2. Stay motivated: Always try to pursue a freelancing career which could keep you enthusiastic all the time and which will never make you feel stuck in a cumbersome job. Also, adopt some measures to help you with your determination and zeal to work for your passion and interest.
  3. Earn a good reputation: Before taking up work as a full time freelancer, you should work on earning a good reputation on various online freelancing sites to be able to have stable amount of work always.
  4. Build up your social profiles: Your clients would always like to hire someone who is one of the most followed people on social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, etc. so as to reach a larger audience. Also being active on sites like LinkedIn can help you showcase your portfolio and skills to your clients, further enhancing your chances of getting more work.
  5. Schedule your work hours: Working as a part time freelancer, you may work as and when you want and how much you want, but as a full time freelancer, you would need to fix your deadlines and would require to take up more work to be able to earn a wholesome amount of fixed salary.

You have finally decided to work as a full-time freelancer, but are now exhilarated with other things that have to be managed. Being a self-employer, you need to take care of Project deadlines, tax savings, working schedules, proposals, client interactions, marketing strategies and many other things involved in owning a small business. Yes, you read that right, being a full time freelancer is like owning a small business where you also have to play the role of HR manager, Client Interaction Manager, Project Manager, Accountant, Marketing manager, etc. Managing all this can become incommodious but there are some resources available in the Cyber world to help you with this pressure like:

  1. Money management: Apps like PayPal, Mint, Xero, etc. can help in managing your money expenditure.
  2. Time management: Managing time is the utmost thing for a freelancer. Apps like FocusBooster, Tomato Timer, Klok, etc. can help you with spending and tracking your time wisely.
  3. Project Management: In the absence of a Project manager, you become the head of this department too which is easy to handle with apps like LiquidPlanner, Solo, Evernote, etc.
  4. Client Interaction Management: As a freelancer, you need to market your skills in the market which get defined by your portfolios. Apps like Proposify, NiftyQuoter, Bidsketch, etc. can help you in creating professional proposals.
  5. Marketing Management: Being a freelancer and managing an active profile on social networking sites can become a hectic job, but to make this job facile for you, there are apps like Hootsuite, Buzzsumo, ClickToTweet, etc., which help you to schedule your posts on various social networking sites for the day in advance.

Freelancing can never be an easy job but if you adopt the above stated strategies then I guarantee that you will always feel invigorated while moving forward on this amazing journey of making money online as a self-employer managing each and every aspect of your self-owned establishment efficiently.

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