Instagram Marketing – An Emerging Trend

Media has always worked in connecting people and sharing the right information with the concerned people. Like everything around us, media also has upgraded to a significant extent. In these past years, different forms of media have emerged. Earlier, there was a trend of it print media then came electronic media, and now it’s the age of social media. Social media has influenced people in a way that no other medium has ever done before. It’s all because of the impeccable reach of social media. Social media has gone to places where no one has imagined. There are many social media platforms available which have numerous features. One such platform is Instagram. It is basically a photo and video sharing platform.

With the emerging trends in technology, digital marketing is a booming sector. There are many facets of digital marketing such as marketing through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc. There are many perks of marketing on social media such as its very lucid, cost-efficient and it has engaged millions of people.

In a short span of time, Instagram has emerged as one of the most popular social media platforms available. It has 700 million active users per month who share more than 90 million videos and pictures in a day. Many top-notch brands that are using Instagram as a platform for branding their products and spreading awareness about them.

Tips for Instagram marketing –

  • Create a business account:-

Recently Instagram introduced a new feature. You can now create a dedicated business account on Instagram. Also, you can convert your regular private account into a business account, for this all you need is a business page on facebook. As you convert your profile into business profile, three new options start to appear on your profile i.e.

  • Call
  • Email
  • Directions


  • Innovative username:-

There are millions of profiles on Instagram, and they all have a unique username. It’s the first thing that differentiates your profile from other profiles. You should always opt for a username that is lucid to find and has the name of your business. If your business name is already taken, then you must go for a name that is easily recognizable.

  • Optimized Bio

Bio is a short description of you or your company. Instagram allows 150 characters in your bio. You have to be precise while writing your bio. It should provide specific information about your company and your product. Also, you can add a URL to your bio. It will help in increasing the traffic on your website.

  • Photos and Videos

The most important tool or the most effective tool through which you can promote your brand is photos and videos. Pictures are a great medium through which you can showcase your products. All you have to do is click some amazing pictures with some cool background. For example, if you have a clothing brand. Have a photo shoot done and then upload the images to your Instagram handle and voila it’s done.

  • The Hashtag (#)

We all use various hashtags for our pictures. Our feed on Instagram keeps changing on a regular basis. This is where the hashtags can help us. They provide you the opportunity to connect with people who are not directly connected to your feed. Anybody that search a hashtag which you have also used will be able to see your post.

These tips can aid you to run a result driven Instagram marketing campaign.

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