Indubitable Ways to Amplify Your Blog’s Popularity

So, you have been writing these blogs, bringing out your thoughts and ideas into nicely framed columns with an aspiration to reach people and help, encourage and inspire them. But it appears like you are getting unnoticed. Don’t lose hope because we are here to give you some tips to raise the reach of your blog and increase the engagement of your audience.

Before you begin writing any blog…

  1. Give a little time to know more about your readers: To enhance your blog’s reach, you first need to research about the interests of your audience to know them better. You should be able to answer questions like: Who are my readers? What are their issues and interests? How can my blog encourage them? Once you have answers to these questions, you will be able to target a major part of the public alluring them to read your blog.
  2. Write on a topic which matches your audience’s interest: Choosing an interesting topic is a major and an important decision for a blogger. To boost up your blog, you should always choose a subject to which your audience can relate and positively react. The more they relate, the more they will want to read your blog and share with their family and friends. Also, writing on a sensational and current topic or trend can help in boosting your reach. Be the first one to share your thoughts on current issues and this will lead to more chances of getting noticed when people perform Google search.
  3. Think of a captivating title/heading: A catchy title gives the first and foremost impression of your entire blog. So it needs to be something which attracts e-readers to go forth, open up your blog and give a thought to your content.
  4. Powerful Content: Once your reader opens up your blog, your motive becomes to keep them engrossed in the content. To achieve this, your blog content should have a powerful content making an impact on the person reading the blog. The content should be unique, relatable and mysterious at the same time to maintain their curiosity to read more. A blog can be a lot more than just articles and boring contents. Explore and experiment with your blogs and add videos, interviews, info-graphics, personal stories, podcasts, etc. to make them appealing.
  5. Friendly language: Powerful Content also needs to be delivered in a manner which is friendly and which can be empathized with, by your audience. Go on, and write your blog not as an article with lots of boring facts, but like a chat room with lots of enthusiasm, humor and fun facts. These types of blogs make the most money because of their audience and reach.
  6. Frequent Blog Publishing: Top money making blogs are written by those who never underestimate the job of a blogger. It is a full time job because your followers will always want to read more so never displease them and always be ready with a new blog to grab their attention. Being as frequent as possible can help you earn loyal followers.
  7. Suggest and share links to help your readers: Whatever be your topic and concern, always share relevant links about the facts mentioned in the blog to earn the trust of your readers so they never feel misguided as well as earn money from blogging via practices like affiliate marketing programs.
  8. Feedback: Be open for both positive and negative feedback and learn from the suggestions given by your followers. This will help you to understand their mindset and motivate you for your next blog. Make sure to always have a section where your readers could share their thoughts and add comments and be prompt enough to respond to them. Giving personal attention always works.

Keep your spirits up and try writing your blog keeping the above few tips in mind. They may not help you instantly but will help you gain loyal and stable followers, eagerly waiting to read your next blog. So, be unique and stand out of the crowd through your sensational and overwhelming blogs.

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