How To Setup Facebook Traffic For Your Business Naturally?

Nowadays, social media is everywhere. You can’t walk down the street without seeing a bunch of people on their phones browsing Facebook or some other app. Likewise, people often get addicted to their social media accounts – so much so that they forget to pay attention to actual people.

But, what about making money? If you’re already on Facebook a lot, then it does make sense to find a way to make money with your Facebook account. This idea is also something you often find heavily promoted online with sites claiming that you can make money from your social media activities.

That all sounds great, but hype and reality are often two completely different things. So, where does the idea of making money with Facebook stand? Is the approach actually feasible or would you just be wasting your time and energy on something that isn’t going to go anywhere?

To answer these questions, we’re going to take a look at the various ways that you can potentially use Facebook as an income source.

Set up a perfect Facebook traffic and generate a FLOOD hyper-targeted subscribers and fans that never slows down and only increases naturally over time.

Facebook Marketing, Ok, Let’s face the book. Have you ever heard the quote “Behind every successful person there is a Facebook account” I am sure many of you didn’t even know such thing also existed, but now you will understand after reading this post.  I will let you know every inch of how Facebook works and how you can get paid.

I can’t deny the fact that Facebook is the best place to bring into notice your business since it is one of the biggest, grandest and the largest advertising tools available for online businesses.  Companies have expanded major customer base by taking their products worldwide. Companies like e-commerce giant Amazon, ShopClues, Ebay have patted in marketing opportunities on Facebook and boosted its return on ad spend by 15 times. Even small firms get a chance to scale up their services with a cost-effective tool like “Facebook.”

There is more to Facebook than just marketing and advertising that can help you make good money. It is a profitable alternative than offline options. Right from promoting products to selling your likes there are unlimited options to make money and still post, like and chat. If you are still curious, read on to learn “How to set up a perfect Facebook traffic and generate a FLOOD hyper-targeted subscribers and fans that never slows down and only increases naturally over time.”

Let’s discuss the main thing that fuels the online marketing machine: TRAFFIC. Without it, you can’t make any progress in the digital space. Great content and Fancy conversion funnels alone won’t matter. Things have changed now!

Search traffic is more competitive than ever, even in greatly niche markets. Social Media has surpassed the ways to generate the traffic among the search engines. And with no surprise, Facebook has dominated every social media platform to convert traffic into sales.

Overly promotional content is not liked by users, so this type of content should be avoided. User-generated content is demanded these days. Check these few quick learning tips:

Your Facebook should not always talk about what your business is providing, how your products are working and your product updates. Your brand needs to have a human touch. Post your photos with your team, tell them about your activities, add some fun or inspirational posts. Hence, the posts that you need to focus on are:

  • Brand Story Posts
  • Lead Nurture Posts
  • Authority Building Posts
  • Personal Posts

So, it is required that 80% of your posts should be social, not promotional.

Your approach should be to build a community from your Facebook Page. Starting conversations with your audience will add value to your page.

Attract the right kind of people to your Facebook page. Target the people who are finely tuned to your business interests.

When you are constantly posting, check how many people have liked your posts, but not have liked your page. Invite them to like your page. Also, adding integrations and customization to your Facebook Page helps a lot.

Creating your own group to listen and engage people about your brand is highly recommended. Invite most engaged audiences to join your group. Don’t just target on promoting your business, ignite a conversation that interests everyone in the group. Enable the targeting feature on the group and choose the categories to target the post. It will help you in getting the right customer for your business.

The best way to stand different from your competitors is to post when your competitors are asleep. I have found that 3 PM works best to get clicks and boost post views.

What’s better than sticking with the Facebook code and staying in their good graces? Believe me, It would help you a lot!

Also, it is vital to diagnosis where your efforts are taking you? For this, Export insights data from Facebook. You can select the data metrics that you need to look for, i.e., Page Data, Post data and Video Data. Your data will be saved to an excel file. According to my experience and understanding, post level metrics are more insightful than page metrics. They give a comprehensive look at how your users are interacting with your content and this way you can prepare an effective content strategy. With this, you have the following information:

  • What types of posts are preferred by your audience?
  • Which types of posts have the highest organic reach?
  • The total number of likes on each post

With these tips, you would increase your Facebook traffic and learn about navigating Facebook’s ever-changing platform.


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