How to Effectively Market on Instagram

With more than 500 million users, marketing on Instagram becomes a top priority for an amplifying growth of your business. It is an amazing platform to reach clients and customers from all around the world and engage them in your business products and services. When it comes to marketing on Instagram, people always ask me this question, “how to do Instagram marketing?” Well, to market your products and gain clients and a good customer base, you first need to earn Instagram followers. And to help you with that, I am here with some super awesome Instagram marketing tips.

  1. Use free Instagram tools: If you would like to use your profile for marketing your business products and services, then first convert your personal profile to a business profile and then get access to free Instagram tools which would allow you to run advertisements, share contact details as well as get insights about your engagement amongst your target clients.
  2. Promote your Instagram posts: If you have got a huge follower base on other social networking sites like on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, use those platforms to promote your Instagram page amongst your followers and engross them on Instagram too.
  3. Maintain a healthy interaction with your followers: One of my Instagram marketing secrets is that whenever someone comments or likes my Insta post, I make sure to reply them back as soon as possible so that they feel important and instantly start following my page.
  4. Create Interactive hashtags: Hashtags are Instagram’s way of expressing your random thoughts using ‘#’ symbol. When you create an interactive hashtag and link your products and services to that hashtag, then to get featured on your page, the users of your product start re-using your hashtags leading to a marketing cycle eventually helping you gain more clients.
  5. Be creative in your posts: Try to be as creative as possible while sharing your posts by using amusing images to keep your followers entertained and gained new followers as well.
  6. Offer discounts: Offering discounts is always the best way to attract clients. Remember those posts on Instagram where they sell their product almost free with just delivery charges involved. Well, that is an amazing marketing strategy to attract clients. So always try to offer persuading discounts and deals to your followers in order to captivate them.
  7. Do not bug your followers: Being active on social media is one thing and bugging your followers every second of new posts is another. Try to be an active Instagrammer and share your posts often but at certain intervals.
  8. Share product stories: This is a new feature of Instagram in which you can create short stories. Try to post customer centric attractive stories about your product to increase your follower and client base. As said by Seth Godin, “Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories, you tell.”

Instagram is a great marketing platform, so use it wisely by posting customer stories, sharing amusing and creative product images, using interactive hashtags and getting actively involved in compelling conversations with your followers to eventually earn an amazing clientele.

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