How To Build Your Own List Of Email Subscribers From Day 1

If you want to make a list of email subscribers from day one, then you need to follow the rules strictly.

“Get the ball rolling, uninterrupted.” Since Email Marketing Strategy is not a low hanging fruit, so you really need to put up a fight to get a perfect list of email subscribers. As they say – It’s going to get harder before it gets easier. But, it will get better, you just have to make it through hard stuff first. And, the same is the case with Email List Building Approach.

So, why is an Email list so Important? Because “The money is in the list.” Think about it like this. If you promote a product that costs $50 to 10,000 subscribers and only 100 people purchase it you still make $5000. That’s a 1% conversion rate. If you improve the conversion rate, you’ll make more money. Now that you understand how important it is to build an email list, let’s talk about some of the quickest ways to get people to join it.

Email List Building Tips

(1)  Create A Squeeze Page: It is a one-page website containing your opt-in form and a free offer to motivate visitors to sign up. The primary purpose of your squeeze page is to focus your visitors on taking one action to fill in their name, and email address then submits the form. Instead of sending the form results to your e-mail address and managing them in an Excel spreadsheet, sign-up for a professional Autoresponder Service. It will enable you to automatically store contact information in an online database for easy management.

(2)  Create An Irresistible Free Offer: Don’t create some lame report that contains a bunch of fluff. If your subscribers don’t receive the valuable information they can use right away, they’ll unsubscribe very quickly. Try hard to get inside the mind of a typical visitor in your niche and answer their most important questions. Take the best content you have and create 10 to 20 pages for your free report.

(3)  Drive Traffic To Your List Building Page: List building should be an ongoing process because some people will unsubscribe or loses interest and become unresponsive. Below are the 3 productive ways to drive traffic to your list:

Article Marketing: Write articles in your niche, then submit them to the top article directories. Seek out ezine publishers in your niche who have large lists of subscribers and offer a well-written article for their next issue. Always mention your free offer and include a link to your squeeze page at the end of your articles.

Joint Ventures: If you have a great product to offer than other people in your niche with large lists in exchange for a share of the profits. For example, if you have an e-book that sells for $50 tell your joint venture partners they’ll receive 50% of the profits. The beauty of this method is that you’re using other people’s lists to build your own list.

Add An Opt-In Form To Your Web Properties: Add an opt-in form to your website, blog, Facebook fan page and redirect visitors from any of your social networking sites such as Twitter and YouTube to your squeeze page. Even though you may have a lot of followers on Twitter, or many Facebook fans these sites are not under your control. Make sure you always invite them to join your list so you can follow-up with them using your multi-day Autoresponder Service.

There are many other ways to build a list (e.g., pay-click-advertising, search engine optimization, etc.) however the above methods will get you started.

(4)  Build Relationships: Potential customers tend to buy from people they trust so follow-up by sending them a bi-weekly newsletter or a series of e-mails containing valuable information related to their niche. A person that remains on your list over their lifetime is very valuable because they may purchase several of your products as the need arises.

(5)  Stay Focused: It’s natural to get distracted by all the online business opportunities you receive in your email box every day promising instant profits. Ignore them and only focus on one niche at a time otherwise your mind will be scattered and you won’t get much done. If you focus on creating new content and driving traffic to your list building page and you’ll be successful.

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