How to Build and Generate an Unstoppable Flood of Targeted Subscribers

Email, which is often underestimated, is one of the essential components of every campaign. If handled properly, email marketing can prove to be very successful and aid in maximizing return on investment. And, the most important part of email marketing is its subscribers. It is often said, “The money is in the list”, that is why there are several articles present on the web through which you can learn strategies for boosting conversion rates and getting more leads. But what if you do not have immense time and you are not amongst those technological savvy?

Most of the strategies for “how to increase subscribers” are geared towards advanced users, who have an infinite amount of time with them. But, what about the ones who are looking for easy and quick ways to get more number of email subscribers. Worry not. This article brings you some effective ways for increasing email list subscribers in short period of time.

  1. Lesser the number of clicks more will be the subscribers:

`This is the best way to get email subscribers; minimizing the number of clicks, save the time of users, which ultimately brings you more number of subscribers. People mostly have their opt-in form placed on the home page of their website, but what if the user is landing on any of their pages? It is the best option to put your opt-in form in the sidebar of your website. This will make it easy for users to subscribe to your emails.

  1. Use your Twitter Bio to Promote your Email list:

Right now you Twitter bio must be having a few basic information like your occupation, a personal quote and perhaps two or three hashtags. But, why don’t you use it to promote email list? This is simple to implement as you simply need to click on the “Edit Profile” present on the right-hand side of your profile page and you would experience effective results without waiting for a long period of time.

  1. Motivate Users to Forward your Newsletter:

Googling how to build newsletter subscriber is not going to help, you have to motivate people to forward emails to their acquaintances and this is amongst the effective techniques to boost the number of your newsletter subscriber. By persuading your users to send the message directly, you can also keep a track on the number of people who are actually spreading the message.

  1. Try to Use QR Codes:

QR Codes or Quick Response Codes will soon become the best way to engage smartphone market. QR codes appear like barcode and can be scanned. If the information in your QR code includes a URL, then this will directly open a web page on user’s smartphone. The most interesting about these barcodes like looking symbols is that they can be distributed almost anywhere, including postcards and business cards.

  1. Be More Social

You might be spending several hours on your social media platform. It is not just enough to spend 6+ hours, unless and until you are utilizing this time productively. In order to witness lead-generating benefits of your social media accounts, you need to become purposeful with these 6-7 hours. And this can be done by answering questions, sharing worthwhile content, making connections and reaching out to people.

This is all for “how to get targeted subscribers”. Stay tuned for more updates on newsletters and email targeting.

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