How to Build and Generate an Unstoppable Flood of Targeted Subscribers

According to a recent study conducted last year on nearly 1500-2000 web-based companies, email marketing offers the highest Return on Investment (ROI) over other marketing channels. The survey attributed to an average of 25-30% of sale to this single channel. Email marketing has grown in trend by many folds and now it is more profitable than ever.

Now, you might be thinking that “Did I need to build an email list”? Yes, obviously. And, rather than asking this question, you must ask how to build the list of email subscribers swiftly.

Through this article, we are introducing you to the ultimate guide to hack the growth of your email subscription.

  1. Blog Posting:

Frequent blog posting and filling the appetite of your readers with informative and engaging content can help you build a long list of email subscribers. Remember, your website must have a list of constantly updated blogs and this lists should be visible on your every web page. Also, it is better to avoid self-promotional blogs and publish something which is of reader’s interest. Although this strategy is a bit time consuming, however, it offers you unrivalled results in terms of email subscribers.

  1. Short Opt-in forms:

To market target audience effectively, business requires a wide variety of data from their users. However, it is better to have less number of questions in your opt-in forms. The less information, the more is the chance of user filling the opt-in form. It is better to remain stick to name and email address as moving to personal information such as call details or address can risk your opt-in rate.

  1. Place your registration box mindfully:

Web developers and marketers often undermine the position of registration box and just add it to the sidebar, but it is important to place registration box in the main content of the page. Try to place it a position where it is able to pull the maximum attention of the reader.

  1. Give immediate benefits to your user:

The more benefits you provide to the visitor, the easier it would be to get their email address. You can offer them some promo codes, access to protected area or ebook in return for the registration at your website. You can also go with the trend or something which relate to your business. For an instance, if you have a web-based store selling weight reduction supplements, then you can provide a free access to fitness app to the ones who are sharing their email with you.

  1. Personalize your Email with Liquid:

Liquid is nothing but a templating language that permits you to add content to your email list based on the information that you already have about your subscriber. It is the best tool for targeted email marketing because you can customize the content of one email to a wide number of segments.

So guys, start work on any 2-3 of the above-mentioned methods to build a strong base of targeted email subscribers.

This is all for today. I hope you found this article useful.

Stay tuned to remain updated with the latest trends in digital marketing.

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