How To Attract The Targeted Traffic And Capture Visitors’ Email Addresses?

An active email list is a key asset in gathering leads and generating new business.

A decent segment of business development and lead generation is done through the collection of email addresses. In fact, the two channels of conversion for some organizations are usually their primary site and email address. Also, it is effectively reasonable – email is momentary, modest, and can be followed and measured by analytics.

Michael Hyatt, the author of “International Leadership,” is running a multi-million dollar business on the strength of his Email Marketing Strategy. 115,000 and still counting. (Source: His blog).

According to him and other industry experts, list building is the key to a regal online presence.

But list building often annoys people.

The technique we choose to request emails often affects the user experience. Sometimes it strikes so badly that users decide to leave our site.

Here are some essential and imaginative List Building Approach to strengthen your Email Marketing Strategy:

  1. Offer A Pop-up At The End Of Your Content: If you are not receiving enough email leads, the most obvious reason is that you are not asking for emails at the end of your content. Most of the visitors decide to subscribe only after reading the content. If you trigger a pop-up as soon as the visitor opens the site, you are asking them to make a decision right away. Hence, it converts well, sometimes switches users, who were unwilling to subscribe at the beginning. As this pop-up triggers when users finish reading the content, it works like a Call To Action (CTA) and gives them the command. For the very same reason, it doesn’t seem like a barrier.


  1. Scroll Triggered Pop-up: A variation of the standard pop-up box is the pop-up box that is initiated when the visitor scrolls down the page below a certain point. It can be beneficial if you don’t want confusions above the fold, or if you want to wait until the visitor stops browsing a specified portion of your stuff. I have personally seen this used on different blogs where the pop-up is inactive until you hit the comments section. If you are concerned more about the quality of your email list, this WordPress plugin “Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box” might be an excellent tool.


  1. Incentives: When you request for an email address, remember to endeavor a proper incentive! One incentive might beat out another less compelling incentive straight across the board. You may also find that switching up your incentives may entice different people. If some people enjoy reading – offer them an ebook. Incentives may incorporate a newsletter, a video tutorial, an e-book, an email drip course, a webinar recording, slides from a presentation, or a podcast. Remember: Keep it clean and rotate your content religiously. Even if you find that one type of content converts better than the rest, take time once in a while to modernize the content. For new content and incentive ideas, do check out “The Periodic Table of Content.”


  1. Blogging – The Director’s Cut: Blogging can be tricky sometimes. If you are choosy about your content and you want each post to be general and to the point. Plus, you need to balance your SEO keywords and still come across naturally. If you are highly expert on the topic you are writing about; chances are, you just can’t fit everything in one go. Rather than doing 2 or 3 posts, consider doing a slightly more extended post and end it with a hook. Write a power-packed and an informative post, leave visitors wanting more. Tell the visitor that there was some “more content” that got edited, but you will email it to them if they want. Kind of like how some movies hold a director’s cut or edited scenes that were never released until now.


  1. The Welcome gate / Welcome splash Page: This page welcomes a visitor to your website and obtains opt-in information, such as an email address of a visitor. It acts as a gate, to embrace the user before they read the content on your website. This is a very offensive technique in nature, as it forces visitors to give you their email before they proceed. However, if used appropriately and under certain circumstances, it can be a powerful tool.

Over to You!

List building is the game of understanding your audiences and looking for opportunities to capture emails. My suggestion is to choose some of these methods wisely according to the tastes of your users. Also, be sure to test the methods you decide to try.

Are you using any of these techniques? Did I miss a good one? Tell me your favorite tip for capturing email addresses!



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