An Expeditious Guide to Social Media Branding

So, it’s been quite some time since you started writing and blogging and sharing your thoughts and ideas with your followers. But now, it’s time to move on to branding services and products through your blogs. Well, Blogging about trendy issues and Social Media marketing are two different aspects of writing. Both of them need different types of skills to engage the right audience and not only engage them but to influence them to buy your services. Today, we will provide you with some guidance on how to use your perplexing writing skills for social advertising a company’s products and services.

To begin with, first of all, you need to understand your audience. Explore their interests and target their issues. Also, keep a close look at when your target audience uses Social media and how do they utilize it. Knowing how and when your followers use Social media, and advertising your services accordingly, can help you to be in focus amongst your audience.

Secondly, and one of the most important things is to research deeply about the product/service you are socially advertising. The more you get to know about the product, the more you would understand about its benefits and the better you will be able to market it through Social media.

These days, there are numerous Social networking sites available from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, to Instagram, Pinterest and many more. And people visit all of these for different purposes like LinkedIn for job-related search, Instagram for pictures, Twitter for interesting tweets, etc. So comes my third tip, enhancing your knowledge about Social media or Social media learning. Knowing your target audience is one thing and learning about their interests and their reason to visit different Social media sites is another. So instead of blindly forecasting about your product on all Social media sites, it is better to target on a specific social networking site as per your target audience’s activity and as per the service you are trying to advertise. According to a research, Facebook has approximately 850 million users, Twitter has about 500 million users, LinkedIn has around 238 million while Instagram has 130 million users. Knowing about these Statistics, you can now understand the beauty of Social media learning.

Though these sites have millions of users but the above-stated statistics do not talk about the fact that only a percentage of these users are active during different hours of the day. So, my fourth suggestion is to evaluate the most active hours of the day on these Social networking sites or analyze the Social media traffic. For instance, according to a research, the most active hours on Facebook are 1-4 p.m. while for LinkedIn, they are 5-7 p.m. These estimates can help a lot in targeting specific Social media platforms at the most active hours of the day to gain the best response towards your advertised services.

Also, from time to time, try to catch up with the Social media trends. An active user on Facebook today might shift to Instagram in future. So having an idea about Social media trends can help to assess the possibility of your target audience from shifting from one platform to another, leading to change in your targeted social media too. Also, statistics indicate that Visual Marketing is gaining popularity these days so visually marketing your products on Instagram sounds a much better idea than using Twitter or LinkedIn to do the same.

To summarize it all, if you know your target audience, their most favored Social Networking sites, their most active hours, the Social media trends, and the granular benefits of your product, then branding your company on Social media would turn into a facile and effortless job for you.

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