4 Effective Ways to Increase your YouTube Followers

YouTube, just like other popular social media channels holds a very important space for marketing businesses and creating communities. Just like you need to gain real and authentic followers on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, you need to learn how to enhance the number of YouTube subscribers. YouTube subscribers are like other social media followers, the only difference being, they use YouTube and subscribe to your YouTube to remain updated with your latest posts. Being the second-largest search engine, YouTube holds a billion users and thus building some subscribers on YouTube help in building your brand awareness and also boost the number of your customers.

For digital marketers and brands, it has become imperative to learn some effective social media marketing techniques to boost the number of subscribers and eventually the viewership of their channel. Through this article we have brought some of the ways through which you can enhance subscribers of your YouTube channel:

  1. Do not forget to use a call to actions:

Using a call to actions strategically is an excellent opportunity to turn your casual viewer into your loyal subscriber or even paying customer. It is not necessary to place a call to actions to direct the viewer to your website; you can simply use it to ask your viewer to share video. Simply by asking them to like, comment or share your video and subscriber your channel, you can grow your number of subscribers.

  1. Always Remember to Add Annotations:

Adding annotations to the videos make the content more interactive and eventually help in increasing the number of your subscribers. There are annotations to which you can add text to the video and could also add a link to the certain part. However, do not over-promote and make sure that your annotations do not restrict the user to skip the video. Annotations could also be added to provide a link to your home or landing pages.

  1. Check your YouTube Analytics from time to time:

It is important to monitor your YouTube analytics and keep a report of how your content has performed in the past one week or 28 days. Through YouTube Analytics, you can also check that from which domain you are getting a maximum number of subscribers. Over analytics, you can also find which device people are watching your videos and how they are watching it.

  1. Use Titles and Descriptions to Optimize your Video:

The practices like optimizing titles and descriptions that we use for search engines like Google or Yahoo apply for YouTube also. It is important to do research for relevant keywords for your YouTube and optimize it with the aid of well-written and keyword stuffed titles and descriptions. This will help you in ranking higher in YouTube search results, which will ultimately increase the number of your YouTube subscribers.

Practicing ways above is a good idea to get a number of followers over YouTube channel.

So, guys, this is all for today.

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