10 Digital Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business

The base of a successful business lies in the kind of Marketing Strategies adopted to introduce and promote your business products and services to your target clients and potential customers. Statistics indicate that the total hours spent by people online per week has increased from 9.9 hours to 20.5 hours since 2005 to 2014 making Digital Marketing a powerful platform to enlighten customers about your services and grow and enhance your business.

Digital Marketing is the process of advertising the products and services offered by your business using digital media like search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. To be able to use Digital Marketing most efficiently, here are top digital marketing practices:

  1. Content Marketing: Advertising your products and services by delivering Quality Contents comes under Content Marketing. In the words of Jon Buscall, “Content Marketing is a Commitment, not a Campaign”. So stay committed to focusing on relevancy, delivering high-quality content and targeting the appropriate audience. Use a very friendly language and try to make your content attractive using help of visual content, audio or video to drive customers towards your product/service.
  2. Product promos and Video Advertising: Video Advertising is one of the most effective practices in Digital Marketing these days because of the increasing interest and involvement of people of all ages on the Internet, may it be on mobile apps like Whatsapp or social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Videos are not only appealing but also leave a lasting impression on your customers.
  3. Marketing Automation: One of the trending Marketing Strategies these days is Marketing Automation. Automated marketing is conducted using tools like IBM Unica which help in B2B and B2C type of marketing in which as per the criteria a pool of target customers are selected using an Algorithmic approach and automated email messages, text messages, etc. are sent at regular intervals to advertise your services.
  4. Data-driven Marketing: When talking about digital marketing strategies, picking up the right audience who might be interested in your product becomes the first and foremost step and this can be analyzed by collecting data about customer interests from different sources and inspecting that data to get that right set of customers.
  5. Mobile Marketing: Remember those Ads in the side panel of your favourite game that diverts your attention all the time. Well, they might appear to be irritating at times as a customer but as an entrepreneur, they definitely help in gaining your customer’s attention.
  6. Social Media Advertising: As per the Statistics, around 9 amongst 10 companies use Social media for advertising purposes in the United States of America. With the rising percentage of Social networking users, this platform has become one of the most popular digital marketing strategies to apprise clients about your services.
  7. Analyze Customer Responses: To be able to reach out to the most appropriate clients, a Digital Marketing Analyst should gather the data corresponding to the Customer responses to your advertised product. He/She should analyze that data and keep on updating the pool as per the responses of the Customers may it be showing interest or ignoring the advertised services.
  8. Search Engine Optimization: This is a practice of using most searched keywords throughout your website to drive more traffic. SEO and SEM optimization help in increasing your presence in the search engines.
  9. Responsive Web design: As per a survey, the number of mobile phone users have been recorded as 4.77 billion for the year 2017 and this trend will keep on increasing. So having a responsive design supporting mobile platforms specifically can help you a lot in selling your services to the clients.
  10. Affiliate Marketing: This practice involves utilizing the marketing expertise of your Affiliates to bring out customers to you and rewarding them as per the number of clients brought by them. This is similar to the process of referring a friend to install an app or visit a site or buy a product and get rewarded with credit points.

If any of the above-stated Marketing Strategies are adopted properly, then I assure you that you would reach pinnacles of success and an amplified Business growth.

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